Adriadiesel has been a major provider of turnkey containerized power plants for many years in marine and stationary applications. Adriadiesel regularly executes complex projects including the turnkey construction of containerized energy facilities with its own structure of experienced engineers, assembly personnel and project management teams. MAN L21/31 engines with a power range of 1460 kWe and 1672 kWe, which are currently in our stock, are ready to be containerized for your power needs.

MAN 28/32S is designed for stationary power plants. It is a reliable and robust engine model which can operate on a variety of liquid fuels. 28/32 complies with all emission limits with the potential for further exhaust gas treatment and can provide up to 4,230 kWm power.

Renovation of the building of the former Mustad / Že-če nail factory in Rakovec has begun. The building, as one of the most beautiful and recognizable buildings of Karlovac's industrial heritage, was bought by Ivan Mikšić, the owner of the Karlovac Turbine Factory, with the purpose of opening a Technical Museum. Adriadiesel will be donating a range of its products to the exhibits to preserve them for future generations.

Not many engine manufacturers can meet the stringent technical requirements to produce a back-up generator for a nuclear power plant. Thanks to its robust and reliable design, Adria 40 engine has been the primary choice of many nuclear power plant owners around the globe when it comes to emergency power generation.

Adriadiesel is currently working on the refurbishment of Adria 40 engines for our dear clients in Russia.



JOB DESCRIPTION: machining of parts on universal special tool and portal milling machines with standard clamping solution, centering, determination of optimal working conditions with the use of standard and special tools, control of the same, production of objects of complex designs with tolerances IT6 and IT7, dimensional control of finished positions


TYPE OF EMPLOYMENT: on a specific, increased scope of work


Sulzer Type TD is built as a standard marine engine for direct propeller drive and suitable for all types of single-screw and multiple-screw vessels in river, lake, coastal and ocean service. The propeller thrust is transmitted directly to the thrust bearing built on to the engine through the transmission shafting.

Sulzer Type TG is chielfy used when the engine is connected to a reduction gear, a disengaging friction clutch or a flexible coupling (toothed coupling, Cardan joint, etc.), i.e. wherever the propeller thrust is taken by a thrust bearing in the gearing or behind the special coupling mentioned. For this reason, a thrust bearing built on to the engine is unnecessary. The engine type TD is thus mostly used for fishing boats (with reduction gearing), ferries, dredgers and other special-purpose vessels in which the propulsion arrangements are as described above.

B22 and B29 are 4-stroke engine models from Sulzer. B22s were manufactured in 3 to 8 cylinder versions. B22 has many submodels. BW22s, for instance, were mainly produced to be utilized in ship propulsion modules while BH22s were produced to be utilized as generator prime movers.

Most wear and tear on Sulzer RTA models will occur on parts such as cylinder liners, cylinder head parts (valves, seats, nozzles), plunger and barrels. The bore size of the original RTA series has an extensive range of 380 to 840 mm.

Sulzer A20 has an rpm range of 720 to 1000. 8-cylinder in-line (L) version of this engine can produce 820 kW at 1000 rpm when running on diesel oil while 600 kW is produced at 720 rpm version.

We would like to inform you that we have MAN engines in stock as follows:

MAN 4 x 7L21/31 and 1 x 8L21/31.

These are brand new, unused engines manufactured under MAN license and the engines are available immediately.

We can offer two options, engine or diesel generator set (DGS):

Option 1) Engines + foundation (available immediately from the warehouse)

Option 2) DGS (includes engines, foundations and alternators; available within 4 months)

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