Diesel Engines

Adriadiesel d.d. presently produces diesel engines and other power plant equipment, as well as spare parts for ADRIA 40 and MAN Diesel SE fourstroke diesel engines.

Spare Parts

Adriadiesel d.d. produces spare parts for diesel engines in our production line by MAN Diesel SE licence. Adriadiesel d.d. produces spare and substitute parts for engines produced by ADRIA 40 licence since 1955.

Services and Overhauls

Adriadiesel d.d. provides maintenance and servicing of diesel engines, compressors, pumps and other power plant equipment. General overhauls, repairs and servicing can be carried out on spot or in our factory, where engines are tested on our test bed.

Adriadiesel d.d. - ex. Jugoturbina

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Adria 40 & MAN Diesel Engine Service & Repairs Worldwide: 60 years of experience

To whom it may concern:

We would like to offer the following products:

  • Medium-speed four-stroke MAN engines (500 kW – 3000 kW)
  • Large / ADRIA-40 engine (6.3 MW)
  • CPP (containerised power plants / diesel-powered generators) (500 kW)

and services:

  • spare parts for Adria 40 and MAN diesel engines
  • troubleshooting, maintenance, service and repair of Adria 40, MAN and other diesel engines and other power plants
  • diesel engine overhaul
  • machining and heat treatment services
  • full range of ship-repair services, alongside or in floating docks, in co-operation with the Service Centre Trogir of Shipyard Brodotrogir

A few words about us:

In 1949 as a part of the large industrial complex “Jugoturbina”, the company “Tvornica diesel motora” (Diesel Engine Factory) was established. We have been operating under the name of “Adriadiesel” since 1991.

Our factory has been producing engines under the “Sulzer (Switzerland) license” from 1955 until 1998, and has been producing engines under the “MAN (Germany) license” from 1998. Since the establishment of the company, during the 60 years of its existence, more than 1580 engines with more than 2,000 MW of power have been produced and delivered to more than 50 countries worldwide.

We would like to become your prime choice for providing the mentioned services and products because of our quality, experience and price-competitiveness.

Please send us your enquiry or request for quotation and we will send you our best prices.

Feel free to contact us for any additional information.

Best regards,

Nenad Končar, PhD
Managing Director
Adriadiesel d.d.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Video content: construction of the ADRIA-40 engine by Adriadiesel d.d.

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Video content: construction of the ADRIA-40 engine by Adriadiesel d.d.
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  • Adriadiesel d.d. - services we offer

    Adriadiesel d.d. is the successor of the former diesel engine factory Jugoturbina and continues the tradition of producing diesel engines, spare parts and other equipment. We offer machining services for parts made of alloy and steel materials - standard up to a weight of 25t, exceptionally up to max. 70t, the service of heat treatment of annealing positions of large dimensions can be carried out in our large annealing furnace (6.5 m length / 3.5 m width / 2.5 height), we can offer heat treatment services of positions: hardening, improvement, cementation, nitriding , annealing as well as welding services by MAG, MIG, TIG, REL procedures performed by certified welders.

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    Schneider Electric and Platinum Electrical Engineering partnered to deploy the EcoStruxure Automation Expert solution for Brilliant Planet's low-cost algal carbon capture program. Brilliant Planet uses algae as an affordable and scalable method to sequester carbon on a gigaton scale. By growing microalgae in open pond systems, they can capture 30 times more carbon than forests. The EcoStruxure Automation Expert system is based on the IEC 61499 standard for easy integration with third-party equipment and seamless scalability across Brilliant Planet's global sites. This standardized application simplifies troubleshooting and adapts the process to the customer's specific needs, providing a complete, customized, scalable system.

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  • US working with India on platform to speed energy transition

    U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen announced that the U.S. is working with India to develop an investment platform to reduce capital costs and increase private investment in India's energy transition. The two countries have been cooperating on economic issues, including commercial and technological cooperation and supply chain strengthening. Yellen's visit to India, her third to the country this year, underscores the growing relationship between the two countries. The two countries are also close to reaching an agreement on a global minimum tax regime.

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    Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is on a Gulf tour in the United Arab Emirates, focusing on energy supply and green technology. He will meet with UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and attend the UAE-Japan Business Forum in Abu Dhabi. Kishida will also visit Qatar, a major gas producer, to boost Japan's energy production and push Japan towards its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. Japan imports 25% of its crude oil from the UAE, making it the world's largest importer of oil and gas products.

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  • Wind and solar to produce over a third of global power by 2030

    Wind and solar projects are expected to account for more than one-third of global electricity by 2030, the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) reports, demonstrating the energy sector's ability to meet global climate goals. The report predicts that wind and solar projects will generate at least 33 percent of the world's electricity, reducing fossil fuel generation and promoting cheaper electricity. Benefiting from the rapid deployment of renewable energy and long-term energy price deflation, the cost of solar power is expected to drop to $20 per megawatt-hour.

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  • Govt may raise up to Rs 22k crore through green bonds in FY24

    India is expected to borrow Rs 2,000-2,200 crore via sovereign green bonds this fiscal, up from Rs 16,000 crore in 2022-23. Half of the proceeds will go to rail, renewable energy, housing, urban affairs, and environmental and climate change projects. The Ministry of Finance's 2023-24 spending plan allocates Rs 23,764 crore for green projects and increases spending to ensure green bond proceeds are fully utilized. Green bonds will form part of the central government's market lending program in the second half of this financial year.

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    Suzlon Group has received an order from Everrenew Energy for a 100.8MW wind power project in Tamil Nadu. The project will install 48 wind turbines and be operational by March 2024. The project can provide electricity to 65,000 households and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2.58 tons per year. The project aims to promote the adoption of renewable energy in India by targeting commercial and industrial consumer groups.

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    Morocco's renewable energy agency Masen has announced that six consortiums have been prequalified to build a 400 MW solar plant called Noor Midelt II in the Atlas Mountains. The project aims to build a photovoltaic power station with two-hour energy storage capacity. Phase 1 has not been completed due to disagreements over CSP technology. Morocco plans to increase the share of renewable energy to 52% by 2030.

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  • India in talks to supply 10 million tonnes of green hydrogen to EU

    India is considering a bilateral agreement with the European Union to supply 10 million tonnes of green hydrogen, which will be invested in a clean energy project in India. The scheme allows EU companies to use carbon credits linked to green hydrogen production in exchange for investment and purchase deals. India's Ministry of Renewable Energy and renewable energy companies participated in the negotiations. The program aims to drive the energy transition from fossil fuels and tackle global warming.

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    Despite the European Union's decision last year to label nuclear energy as sustainable, none of the world's 30 major banks explicitly included nuclear energy in their criteria for issuing green or sustainability-linked bonds, the researchers found. The study surveyed 30 banks deemed systemically important by the Financial Stability Board and found that 17 explicitly excluded nuclear energy from their green financing frameworks. The EU's green bond standards include nuclear power, but excluding it could limit the sector's access to growing sustainable capital. Nuclear power isn't considered climate-damaging, but it does produce radioactive waste. Countries such as Germany and Austria oppose nuclear energy, citing concerns about waste disposal, accidents and delays.

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  • NextEnergy Capital raises initial $480 million for fifth solar fund

    NextEnergy Capital has raised $480 million for its fifth investment fund, NextPower V ESG, which focuses on solar and battery storage assets in OECD countries. The fund has a 10-year investment horizon and targets mid-double-digit returns on projects in Europe, North America and Chile. The fund is in talks with more investors and plans to make a second close later this year to reach its $1.5 billion funding target, with a hard cap of $2 billion.

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  • Cleantech Solar to develop 60 MW open access solar projects in Tamil Nadu

    Cleantech Solar has signed long-term power purchase agreements with commercial and industrial customers in Tamil Nadu to develop 60 MW of open-frame solar PV projects. These projects will power manufacturing operations in fields as diverse as automotive, chemicals and education. Energy diversification contributes to stability and saves electricity costs.

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  • South African mines seek to turn up renewables to ease power crisis

    South African miners are stepping up efforts to produce solar and wind power to cut costs and emissions and address an electricity crisis. JUWI South Africa is developing a 400 MW mine renewable energy project, and the country's Minerals Board expects its own power to reach 2,294 MW by 2025 and more by 2030. This will reduce carbon emissions, save costs and increase energy security.

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  • Renewables growth did not dent fossil fuel dominance in 2022

    According to the Statistical Review of World Energy report, global energy demand grew by 1% last year, but fossil fuels still dominate, accounting for 82% of supply. The industry report found that renewables accounted for 7.5% of global energy consumption, while fossil fuels remained at 82%. Electricity generation rose 2.3%, with wind and solar growing to account for 12% of electricity generation. Coal's share of electricity generation remains dominant at 35.4%. Scientists believe the world needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 43% by 2030 to meet the Paris Agreement's goal of keeping temperature rises below 2 degrees Celsius.

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  • Canada to miss net-zero 2050 emissions goal without further action

    The Canadian government, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, faces the challenge of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. The Canadian Energy Regulator (CER) has published three scenarios for the target, but has yet to make any recommendations. The report highlights that further action is needed across industries and provinces to contribute to achieving this goal. Due to high oil prices, Canadian oil production will continue to grow until the end of the decade, with the most optimistic scenario seeing crude oil production peak in 2026. The third scenario is that oil production peaks in 2035. If Canada achieves net-zero emissions by 2050, it will generate electricity using zero- or low-emissions technologies, doubling electricity demand by 2050.

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  • Norwegian Climate Investment Fund to invest in Indian wind power plant

    Norfund, Norway's climate investment fund, and KLP, Norway's largest pension company, have committed to providing equity and guarantees for a 168 MW wind farm being developed by Enel Green Power in India. The project is expected to produce about 700 GWh per year, which will avoid the emission of about 573,000 tons of CO2 per year as India's current energy source is mainly coal. The investment is part of the Climate Investment Fund's first-year total commitment of NOK 2.14 billion, which will distribute NOK 10 billion over the next five years. The project is the third investment under the Climate Investment Fund, with KLP as co-investor. The government has committed NOK 10 billion over the next five years to fund projects that are estimated to avoid emissions of 6.2 million tonnes of CO2e per year.

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  • Reliance may earn $10-15 bn revenue from new energy biz by 2030

    Reliance Industries, led by billionaire Mukesh Ambani, could earn $1-1.5 billion from its new energy business by 2030 and invest $2 trillion in India by 2050. The company plans to have 100GW of installed solar capacity by 2030, accounting for 35% of India's targeted capacity. The company aims to become a net zero carbon company by 2035 and is building a fully integrated end-to-end renewable energy ecosystem for customers through solar, batteries and hydrogen. The Indian government has set a target to install 500GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030, with solar accounting for the lion's share.

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  • GE Vernova to supply turbines for Amplus Solar’s 108-MW wind energy project

    GE Vernova has been selected by Amplus Solar as the supplier of onshore wind turbines for a 108 MW Tamil Nadu project. The company will supply and commission 40 units, marking India's order book exceeding 3 GW, with the aim of reaching 5 GW of installed wind capacity by early 2024. The wind farm is expected to be commissioned in August 2024.

    Written on Thursday, 15 June 2023 12:36 in Blog EN Read 169 times
  • Spain's energy firms look to central Europe markets for green hydrogen deals

    Cepsa and Iberdrola have signed an agreement to transport green hydrogen between Spain and the Netherlands, aiming to become a leader in green hydrogen. Cepsa hopes to sell some of its products to industrial customers eager to decarbonize the European economy through the Netherlands. The agreements will help create a green hydrogen sea corridor between Algeciras and Rotterdam and allow Cepsa access to its transport network in the Netherlands. Iberdrola plans to invest 3 billion euros in its flagship green hydrogen project in Andalusia, which includes a 1 billion euro green ammonia plant.

    Written on Wednesday, 14 June 2023 12:50 in Blog EN Read 161 times
  • Italy must add 190 GW of renewables by 2035 to meet G7 pledge: study

    Climate change think tank ECCO and consultancy Artelys said Italy would need to add 190 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity by 2035 to achieve a G7 net-zero electricity system. The country relies heavily on the electricity system, with more than 50 percent of its electricity coming from natural gas, oil or coal. To achieve this goal, Italy needs to increase its installed solar and wind capacity by 7 sites by 2030 and by 8 sites by 2035. By 2035, electricity generation from natural gas will be almost zero, and thermal power plants will be converted to hydrogen and biogas.

    Written on Tuesday, 13 June 2023 12:33 in Blog EN Read 194 times
  • Energy platform Athein seeks up to $300 mln for solar projects

    Athein is seeking to raise $250 million to $300 million in equity from investors to fund its planned solar and wind projects in India, the Philippines and Vietnam. The company has hired Hong Kong-based Green Horizon Capital Partners to advise on the equity raise. India and Southeast Asian countries are rapidly increasing their use of renewable energy due to blackouts and climate change. The equity financing is Athein's first joint venture with five solar companies.

    Written on Monday, 12 June 2023 12:42 in Blog EN Read 153 times
  • Wind returns to top of list of German power sources

    For the first time since 2020, wind power will overtake coal as Germany's largest electricity supplier in the first quarter of 2023. Conventional energy sources still account for more than half of electricity production. Germany aims to generate at least 80 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

    Written on Wednesday, 07 June 2023 13:09 in Blog EN Read 153 times
  • Japan earmarks $107 billion for developing hydrogen energy to cut emissions

    The Japanese government has adopted a revised plan to use more hydrogen as fuel to reduce carbon emissions. It set an ambitious goal of increasing annual supply sixfold and pledged 15 trillion yen in funding. The plan prioritizes nine strategic areas, including the development of water electrolysis equipment, fuel batteries and large tank trucks for transporting hydrogen. Japanese leaders aim to transform the country into a "hydrogen society" by promoting the commercial use of pure hydrogen and ammonia. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has set an ambitious goal to encourage long-term investment in developing large-scale hydrogen supply and demand. Economic sanctions against Russia have intensified competition for LNG, necessitating a long-term strategy to ensure a stable energy supply.

    Written on Tuesday, 06 June 2023 10:09 in Blog EN Read 164 times
  • Suzlon crosses 20 GW installed wind mills capacity worldwide

    The Suzlon Group has achieved the milestone of 20 GW of installed wind turbine capacity worldwide, with 12,467 wind turbines installed in 17 countries, spanning six continents. Together with its late founder and chairman Tulsi Tanti, Suzlon has shaped the Indian wind energy industry since 1995. Suzlon's journey from the first 270kW turbine in 1995 to a 3MW turbine in 2023 will continue to inspire generations to come. Headquartered in Suzlon One Earth, Pune, the group has a diverse workforce of 5,900 employees with an operating track record of over 28 years.

    Written on Monday, 05 June 2023 12:37 in Blog EN Read 162 times
  • Renewable energy surges, driven by solar boom and high fuel prices, report finds

    The world will add a record amount of renewable electricity capacity this year as governments and consumers seek to offset high energy prices and capitalize on a solar boom. It is expected to reach 440 GW by 2023, bringing global installed capacity to 4,500 GW, roughly as much as the combined generating capacity of the United States and China. The supply chain for wind turbines is not growing fast enough to meet demand, and the grid must be upgraded and expanded to account for the intermittency of solar and wind power. To meet the goals of the Paris climate agreement, emissions need to be halved by 2030 and cut to "net zero" by mid-century. Countries will discuss setting international targets for renewable energy rollout at the UN climate summit.

    Written on Friday, 02 June 2023 13:29 in Blog EN Read 170 times
  • Need for financial stability in the energy sector

    India's electricity consumption has increased significantly. In December 2022, its total electricity consumption will reach 121.19 billion kilowatt-hours, leading the growth of renewable energy in the world, and it is the third largest country in terms of new installed capacity of renewable energy. To ensure financial stability, the government has introduced facilitation schemes such as Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Scheme, Rooftop Scheme and Solar Park Scheme. Financial stability in the energy sector is critical to attracting funding for clean energy projects, developing innovative technologies and supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy. It also ensures that companies can maintain stable employment levels, provide fair wages, and contribute to the local economy. Without stability, companies may have difficulty obtaining funding or accessing capital markets, hindering their ability to grow and innovate.

    Written on Thursday, 01 June 2023 12:40 in Blog EN Read 191 times
  • Portugal's first offshore wind auction aims for more than 1 GW

    Portugal's first auction of permits to build offshore wind farms will start at the end of the year. Its goal is to have a total installed capacity of more than 1 GW by 2030, with a total investment of 3-40 billion euros in projects. The auction will target floating wind farms with turbines in the deep sea, where the winds are strong enough to harness more energy than conventional structures on land. Portugal already has a small 25 MW floating wind project off its Atlantic coast, and other utilities have shown interest in developing offshore wind projects in Portugal. There is also strong investment interest in Portugal, with hydrogen plants installed by 2030 doubling or even tripling the forecasted 2.5 GW.

    Written on Wednesday, 31 May 2023 12:25 in Blog EN Read 207 times
  • Power Finance Corp to boost loans to renewable projects

    Power Finance Corp plans to increase its loan book exposure to renewable energy projects to 27% by FY2030 (large hydropower projects). To achieve this, spending could rise to Rs 3 trillion over the next seven years. The company has the largest loan portfolio in the renewable energy sector with a renewable energy book of Rs 48,200 crore. Non-performing assets (NPAs) have been reduced due to the resolution of stressed assets and the financial discipline brought about by National Disco. Total technical and commercial loss has improved to 16.5% in FY22.

    Written on Tuesday, 30 May 2023 12:27 in Blog EN Read 181 times