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Seventeen countries, including France, Chile and Kenya, stressed the need for systemic transformation in all economic sectors, driven by a "global phase-out of fossil fuels". They acknowledge that emissions-reducing technologies play a minimal role in decarbonizing the energy system and cannot be used to justify the expansion of fossil fuels. Leaders stressed the importance of restoring and protecting carbon sinks in fighting climate change and called for ambitious global targets on renewable energy and energy efficiency. They urged the mobilization of trillions of dollars in funding for climate action and the implementation of reforms to the financial system to address the multiple crises facing the world. Leaders also called for the Global Stocktake (GST) as a turning point and highlighted the importance of closing ambition and implementation gaps on all aspects of climate action during this critical decade and beyond.

Thursday, 14 September 2023 15:05

Adriadiesel d.d. - services we offer

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Adriadiesel d.d. is the successor of the former diesel engine factory Jugoturbina and continues the tradition of producing diesel engines, spare parts and other equipment. We offer machining services for parts made of alloy and steel materials - standard up to a weight of 25t, exceptionally up to max. 70t, the service of heat treatment of annealing positions of large dimensions can be carried out in our large annealing furnace (6.5 m length / 3.5 m width / 2.5 height), we can offer heat treatment services of positions: hardening, improvement, cementation, nitriding , annealing as well as welding services by MAG, MIG, TIG, REL procedures performed by certified welders.

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Wednesday, 13 September 2023 14:19

Low routine maintenance schedule (MAN)

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'When it comes to low routine maintenance schedule, MAN L28/32 offers a great advantage with 20,000 hours between overhauls when operated on HFO. A low level of deformation and a low level of mechanical stresses (i.e. low wear-rates) are achieved through its sturdy engine structure and amply dimensioned running gear.'

Tuesday, 12 September 2023 12:50

ADRIA 40 Engine in operation

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